Return from the Moon with an art exhibition on Earth

I am returning from an exhibition on the Moon, so naturally, the desire came over me to observe and to show Greece as seen from space. What is more beautiful than to feel like Ulysses, whose horizon is not simply the latest island filled with temptation and tribulation, but the whole country, scattered like pieces of a jigsaw, as seen from the sky? I’ve sailed to most Greek islands in the company of gluttons, who dock with fury on the piers of Greece, pointed by electronic guides as to where, what, and how to consume. This is not Greece, it is not that ceaseless gorging, but a living organism of stone and of half living seeds, blown around by the conversing of the winds, to germinate upon the yellowed from the sun moss…
Islands with coasts safekeeping metals and patinaed by the salt and the sun, that from space look like godly sculptures.
That is the Greece you shall see on the 4th of October 2023 if you decide to come by my studio at Factory 126 on Maria Luisa 126 boulevard, where I’ve transformed the space into a fitting gallery.

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