Because on the moon it’s just as lonesome, as it is on the web…

Regarding the website – a manner of recreation and communication between me and the world!

I invested in the website in all these languages, so as to join the universal digital loneliness, for it beautifully illustrates the technological time, which we inhabit. After I created the first six sculptures, drawing on old bedsprings with molten metals, I chose the lunar crater on the opposite side of the moon, bearing the name of the legendary Jack Parsons, and sent them there to be shown via satellite to the earthly audience. (Herein I add a link to my first space adventure

This exhibition, realized on Earth’s satellite, was an earthly confession, crafted with much effort in some extraordinary times for our planet, times wherein everything stood still. The second, and also last, exhibition will take place in the month of November 2024, on the nearside of the moon. Concurrently with this second virtual exhibition, other exciting events will take place. To learn more about them, don’t forget to take a look at the website If you have the time and the willingness, you can help the website by translating texts you find interesting into a language you speak. You can send the original and its translation to It will then be uploaded and you will have my deepest gratitude and will receive a small gift called a Pasybox (a product invented by myself, Mono Petra) if you also submit a precise address to which it may be delivered.

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